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SportsHow Gukesh Can Stay Focused Amid Newfound Fame by Learning from Chess...

How Gukesh Can Stay Focused Amid Newfound Fame by Learning from Chess Legend Magnus Carlsen


's teenage chess prodigy D Gukesh recently achieved a huge milestone by winning the Candidates Tournament, securing his place as the challenger for the Chess Championship. However, with this newfound fame and recognition comes intense pressure and scrutiny. Upon returning home to India, the shy 17-year-old was overwhelmed by the massive crowds and media attention at the airport.

While popularity and respect for his accomplishments are certainly deserved, the intrusive nature of fans and media could threaten to distract Gukesh from his goal of continued self-improvement on the chessboard. Here, he may take a page from the champion himself, Magnus Carlsen.

For years, Carlsen has dominated the world of chess, achieving the top ranking and holding multiple titles simultaneously. However, throughout hisjourneyto the top, Carlsen emphasized enjoying the game above all else. Even as a young star, his father ensured Carlsen avoided excessive pressure and maintained a balanced lifestyle. Today, Carlsen remains calm and focused, shutting out distractions to concentrate solely on his play.

Gukesh would be wise to follow this example as the limelight intensifies. Surrounding himself with a close support system like family, he must block out unnecessary noise and from the outside. Like Carlsen did as a child, taking breaks to spend quality time with loved ones can help prevent burnout. Most importantly, Gukesh should continue striving for self-improvement on the 64 squares rather than chasing fleeting fame or trophies.

If he maintains this mindset, focusing inward while rising to new heights, Gukesh stands the best chance of handling increased popularity successfully. And someday, he may join Carlsen as one of the all-time greats who enjoyed a long and fulfilling career in chess. But for now, the young challenger would benefit from the champion's blueprint for blocking distraction and achieving balance, within and beyond the game.

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