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Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day 2024: Date, history and importance explained

Mental well-being of children is equally important as their physical . Every year, the first week of May is observed as Children's Mental Health Awareness Week to acknowledge this cause. Here are some facts about the upcoming awareness day in 2024:

Date: Children's Mental Health Awareness Day will be marked on May 7th, 2024. This day kicks off the awareness week which runs till May 13th.

History: The event originated in the United States in 2005 via SAMHSA, a government agency, to highlight importance of children's mental health issues.

Significance: The day reminds us to learn about challenges faced by young ones and help eradicate mental disorders' stigma. People can participate in local events and have respectful discussions on supporting kids' psychological wellness.

Research suggests one in five children suffers from a mental issue. Early intervention can significantly improve their quality of life. This year's observance is an opportunity for communities and families to understand how to identify signs and guide children toward right treatment. Let's make concerted efforts to make mental healthcare non-threatening and accessible for the younger generation.

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