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Protect Yourself from Ticks – Expert Safety Tips for Tick Season

The warmer months mark the start of tick season across many parts of the country. Experts warn that populations of disease-carrying ticks could be as high or higher than last year.

Various factors influence tick numbers from one year to the next. Mild winters allow more ticks to survive, and a wet spring and summer enables further growth. Recent mild conditions mean ticks may thrive this season.

Of concern is the deer tick, also called the blacklegged tick, which spreads Lyme disease in parts of the Northeast and Midwest. Only around 20-30% of these tiny ticks actually carry the bacteria but infections from their bites are common. Early symptoms of Lyme disease include fever, headache and rash. Seeing a doctor for antibiotics is key if symptoms develop after a tick bite.

What's worrisome is ticks expanding into new regions. Species typically found in southern states have been spotted farther north in places like New York. This introduces humans and animals to novel illnesses passed by ticks.

So how can people protect themselves? Experts recommend avoiding wooded and bushy areas with high grass when possible this season. When outside, wear light colored clothes to spot ticks more easily and use EPA-approved repellents. Thoroughly check your body and clothing for ticks after coming indoors. Removing any attached ticks swiftly with tweezers can stop the spread of diseases.

Being aware of tick safety measures is important this season to enjoy the outdoors safely. Following some simple steps could help curb the risk of unwanted hitchhikers and illnesses in the coming months. Staying informed with expert guidance is key to battle the bite of dangerous ticks.

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