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EntertainmentAamir Khan Reveals Initial Doubt Over Iconic 3 Idiots Role

Aamir Khan Reveals Initial Doubt Over Iconic 3 Idiots Role


While Aamir Khan is renowned for pushing creative boundaries with challenging roles, the superstar had some initial doubts about taking on one of his most memorable parts. In a candid chat with Kapil Sharma on his talk show, Aamir opened up about nearly turning down the opportunity to play the iconic character of Rancho in Rajkumar Hirani's smash hit 3 Idiots.

At the time the film was offered, Aamir was 44 years old but was being asked to portray an 18-year-old college student. He expressed reservations that audiences may find the age gap comical or unrealistic. “I told Raju to consider younger actors as I was worried people would laugh seeing me attempt such a youthful role at my age,” Aamir shared.

However, director Hirani was persistent in his vision of Aamir leading the film. He convinced the skeptical star by highlighting Aamir's track record of taking creative risks that paid off tremendously. “You've starred in movies before that nobody believed would succeed, but you committed to them anyway based on your passion. Those films like Lagaan and Taare Zameen Par later became huge hits,” Hirani pointed out.

Aamir was swayed by Hirani's argument that with his talent and work ethic, he could make even the most challenging roles believable. He agreed to sign on for 3 Idiots without seeing a full script, a rare move for his typically meticulous approach. The film went on to achieve massive critical and commercial acclaim upon release in 2009, with Aamir's performance as the fun-loving Rancho widely praised.

In his conversation with Kapil, Aamir reflected on how 3 Idiots proved pivotal in expanding his horizons as an actor. While he once doubted his ability to portray youth on screen, the film cemented his legacy as one of 's most dedicated performers willing to transform completely for a part. Aamir's moving account offered fans new insight into his artistic process.

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