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EntertainmentFormer actress Somy Ali speaks out on shooting of ex Salman Khan

Former actress Somy Ali speaks out on shooting of ex Salman Khan


Former Flame Speaks Out on Salman Khan's Ordeal: “No One Deserves Such Suffering”

When news broke of the shocking shooting outside Salman Khan's Mumbai residence last month, it sent shockwaves through and beyond. While reactions poured in from all corners, one voice that garnered attention was from the superstar's former love interest, Somy Ali.

Though she and Salman shared a tumultuous romance in the 90s, Ali made it clear that past conflicts mean little in the face of genuine harm. “No matter what has transpired, I would never wish someone to endure such trauma,” she stated. While unwilling to revisit past disputes, Ali's overriding sentiment was one of compassion.

“All people seek is to feel safe in their own homes,” she reflected. “No one, not even a neighbor, deserves to have their safety violated in this way.” When the dust settles and tensions cool, Ali believes forgiveness and goodwill should prevail. “The past is the past; what's done is done. Now is the time for healing and hoping harm never comes to anyone again.”

Ali admits the tragedy struck a personal chord, despite decades since their relationship ended. “When I heard what took place, my mother and I were in shock. Even after all this time, you never want to see past connections face real threats.” Though salivating gossip rags may reminisce on past disputes, Ali's perspective shows growth and grace develop even between former flames. Some bonds, it seems, transcend headlines if humanity holds fast.

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