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EntertainmentOrry shares funny mistake of mistaking Vada Pav for burger, praises Mumbai...

Orry shares funny mistake of mistaking Vada Pav for burger, praises Mumbai snack


Famous social media personality Orry recently revealed an amusing anecdote from his time in Mumbai involving the city's beloved fast food – Vada Pav. The influencer known for his candid interviews and lifestyle took part in a podcast where he opened up about mistaking the famous Maharashtrian snack for an Indian burger.

In his own words, Orry mentioned eating what he thought was an “Indian-style burger” only to realize later it was the local delicacy Vada Pav. He described the bread roll and potato patty inside jokingly as “pav and the yellow sun-thing.” Orry went on to share how it took some time to explain to someone what exactly a Vada Pav was when he asked them to bring it for him.

However, the spicy chutney inside didn't quite agree with Orry's stomach. He humorously stated that whatever good the tasty fast food brought was negated by its aftermath, keeping him unwell for two whole days. Orry's honest anecdote highlighting even celebrities can get Mumbai's unique street foods mixed up brought smiles. It showcased his willingness to laugh at himself and share mundane experiences with fans.

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