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InternationalUS imposes first ever sanctions on Israeli military unit Netzah Yehuda

US imposes first ever sanctions on Israeli military unit Netzah Yehuda


The United States has taken the unprecedented step of imposing sanctions on an Israeli Force (IDF) battalion called Netzah Yehuda, according to recent reports. While officials have not publicly named the targeted unit, Israeli leaders and local media outlets have identified it as Netzah Yehuda.

This move comes amid rising tensions between the two long-time allies, as the Biden administration looks to curb further expansion of Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank. Just last week, Washington announced financial penalties on several Israeli companies involved in construction projects in the territory.

Sources familiar with the matter indicate the IDF battalion in question has historically operated in the West Bank and has faced accusations of mistreating Palestinian detainees on multiple occasions over the years. Video evidence in some cases appear to show soldiers using excessive force against civilians at checkpoints. The most recent incident involved the death of a elderly Palestinian-American man after an encounter with Netzah Yehuda troops.

Though the IDF asserts it holds all units to law standards, this battalion has drawn increasing scrutiny from international observers. Its commander received punishment and two officers were dismissed following an investigation into the above mentioned fatal incident earlier this year.

However, the sanctions decision has sparked strong condemnation from Israeli leaders. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to “fight it with all my might,” while Defense Minister Benny Gantz reportedly urged Secretary of State Antony Blinken to reconsider in a recent phone call. For its part, the State Department reiterated calls for ceasefire and humanitarian aid for Gaza, without directly confirming or denying the sanctions reports.

As tensions between Washington and Jerusalem remain high, all eyes will be on how the Israeli government responds and if the new pressure tactics could impact its policies going forward. The controversial move also raises questions about the future of cooperation between the two allies.

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