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Life StyleThe Best Tooth Brushing Technique According to Dental Experts

The Best Tooth Brushing Technique According to Dental Experts


As we go about our daily oral hygiene routine, many of us may be brushing our teeth incorrectly without even realizing it. While it's important to set aside time twice a day for brushing, the method used is just as vital for achieving optimal oral according to dental professionals.

Speaking to us, Dr. R.R. Dutta who heads the internal medicine department at a leading Gurgaon hospital stresses that holding the toothbrush at a 45 degree angle when brushing is a crucially overlooked detail. Doing so allows the bristles to effectively sweep away plaque and bacteria below the gumline. Maintaining this angled position also ensures a deeper cleanse as the bristles contacts both the teeth surface and gums.

Echoing this advice is Dr. Amit Sachdeva, a seasoned dentist who says the 45 degree angle offers a two-fold benefit. Firstly, it permits access to trouble spots where biofilms can form under the gum tissue and potentially lead to issues. Secondly, adopting this technique promotes care of both areas simultaneously, thereby minimizing risks of accidental harming of gums from forceful strokes.

When asked about common errors people make, Dr. Dutta points to using excessive force which damages not only enamel but also inflames gums. Failure to brush the gumline region is another frequent mistake as this allows sticky deposits to build up over time. Both experts emphasize choosing a soft-bristled brush and giving each cleaning session at least two minutes for complete coverage, including tongue scrubbing.

In conclusion, regular dental checkups every six months provide the deep scrub that in-home brushing can't by removing built up plaque and scaling tartar deposits. When teamed with the correct angled technique, our readers can be assured of healthy teeth and gums for years ahead.

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