Take a cue from RSS mind!

Dattatreya Hosabale, the General Secretary of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), has expressed displeasure on the Modi
administration for its abject inability to provide a people-centered form of governance in his remarks on rising poverty,
unemployment, and inequality. Hosabale, the second in the top hierarchy of the RSS, makes it clear that the RSS and Modi do not
share the same viewpoint. His statement is all the more important because he made these point blank remarks to the Swadeshi
Jagran Manch (SJM), an important RSS organisation that plays a significant role in formulating the right wing party’s economic
policy. BJP leaders close to Modi attempted to downplay it by claiming that he has also been saying it, but this The trust among the
saffron rank and file has already been affected by this, despite the attempts of the BJP leaders close to Modi to downplay it by
claiming that he too has been saying it. While political experts disagree on the relevance of the statement made by Hosabale, the
BJP’s ideological guide, some top BJP insiders who wished to remain anonymous accuse Modi of creating the situation.
They believe that Hosabale’s outburst was caused by recent statements made by Modi at Amit Shah’s request and his disregard
for the RSS’s authority. However, some political analysts believe that Hosabale blue-penciled the Modi administration in order to
divert the populace’s ire. They believe that this is a calculated strategy to preserve the BJP’s reputation. People have a prevalent
perception that the RSS is the BJP’s parent organisation and that it guides the latter. Since the RSS was not bringing Modi and his
aides to justice, the way Modi was acting in recent times gave the impression that these wrongs were being committed under the
RSS’s command. It is important to understand that Hosabale likened poverty to a demonic force that must be vanquished. Over 20
crore people live in this country below the poverty level, he said at the meeting and an estimated 23 crore people earn 375 rupees
every day. The 7.6% unemployment rate is also really upsetting.
Although there is unemployment and poverty in the nation, we also need to talk about the growing inequality. He clearly sought to
convey that the Modi government was not serious about the rapidly changing, potentially unstable situation. “We can’t say that
everything is OK even though has managed to rank among the top six economies in the ,” he continued. Just one per
cent of the total population owns 20% of the nation’s wealth, while 50% people own hardly 13% of wealth. We need to address
these economic inequalities. The Swavalambi Bharat Abhiyan (SBA) was introduced in January by the SJM and seven other
saffron organisations with the goal of eliminating unemployment in India by the year 2030.
Notably, Hosabale also mentioned a lack of as a contributing factor in the unemployment problem. It was made clear that the Modi
administration’s approach to education did not meet the demands of New India. Given this context, how could anyone assert that his remarks
shouldn’t be seen as criticism of the current administration? Mohan Bhagwat’s recent visit to mosques and masjids, as well as his invitation to
Muslim intellectuals, are only damage control measures. He understands that 22 crore Muslims will be a deciding factor in that election. He
cannot see Hindu votes completely consolidated in favour of the BJP. A large number of Hindus who supported Modi in 2019 are now feeling
alienated. To ensure electoral success, the BJP must reach out to Muslims. It is worth recalling that in his May 15 statement, Bhagwat too was
critical over the Modi government and his administration for relaxing their guard following the initial COVID-19 wave. “We are in this
predicament because, whether it was the government, administration, or the general population, everyone relaxed their guard after the first
wave, despite doctor’s warnings,” Bhagwat explained. Nagpur had so far been very supportive.