Still long way to go to end terrorism!

The terror strike in Srinagar in which two persons lost their lives is an indication that the entities which are combating this scourge would have to continue with their offensive against violence mongers as they still have to go a long way to eliminate terrorism fully from the soil of and . Looking into the crucial time ahead as sooner than later the snow will start melting from the mountain passes as snowfall this season was quite less and therefore chances of mountain passes becoming dry soon are high, so the need to strengthen border security by the security forces to contain infiltration this time is more and also the security level in the hinterland is also required to be higher than earlier to stop terrorists from taking undue advantage and  resorting to violent activities like the aforesaid one, in which two workers from Punjab were killed.  This terror incident and the recent attacks on soldiers in Poonch and Rajouri Districts besides killings of villagers in Jammu region are testimony to the fact that terrorism is still a grave issue and there is a lot much to do to do away with this most precarious problem which the country is confronting in the present times. There is another issue associated with the terrorism in J&K and that is instigation by different quarters because there are political entities and even at times those who are part and parcel of the government whose immature handling of the situation sometimes persuade even the gullible to indulge in violence, which needs to be tackled by the higher ups in the system by disallowing such things by order and full conviction as every life lost in terrorism is a matter of grave concern and such situations should be averted by all means. There is dire need to take all the precautions to ward off the terror from the UT as recent terror strikes including the one that was carried out on Wednesday in Srinagar have amply proved that the residual terrorism is still a big issue and the forces inimical to peace are hell-bent to disrupt tranquility. The first and foremost priority of the government right now is to have an incident-free season as spring is fast approaching and visitors are likely to throng Valley and other parts of the UT especially after the examinations of the children which are either underway or about to start. Like the patrolling and deployment of troops along the Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu and Kashmir have been strengthened besides relying on to end infiltration, the foolproof plan should also be chalked out to thwart other nefarious designs of the terror mongers who wanted to spread unrest. The synergy between the army, police and CAPFs is the key to foil the enemy designs and for achieving this, the security forces must remain on tenterhooks as going off guard can be dangerous with the threat of terror still looming large. Intelligence also plays a vital role in curbing terrorism and that makes it necessary to have a vibrant intelligence network to prevent any attempt of devastating peace emanating from across the border.

It is needful that all the security SOPs should be followed by the security forces on duty to make the upcoming tourist season and Shri Amarnathji Yatra safe and resounding, as remaining on toes by the men in uniform is significant for safety and security of the people.