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EditorialZero Tolerance Should be Zero Tolerance

Zero Tolerance Should be Zero Tolerance


As the J&K Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha deliberated on measures to tackle the drug menace and declared that the J&K Administration has adopted a policy of zero tolerance against drugs to make a drug-free J&K, it becomes imperative to carry out crackdown on those involved in drugs' illegal besides tweaking laws to act more stringently against the menace as this has become necessary looking into drug mafia spreading its tentacles in almost all the parts of the UT.

In this context, LG Sinha has rightly said that the police, civil administration and people should work together to eliminate this menace from the soil of the Union Territory or else this scourge will ruin the lives of people especially the youth affecting the future of the region. It is good that LG Sinha is showing concern over the issue but what is to be seen is that the people working in the field should also show enthusiasm in rooting out drugs from the society.

It is very important that the instructions given by the head of the UT viz. the Lt Guv should be taken up as very seriously by ensuring that the UT practices zero tolerance against the drug menace because any kind of complacency or lethargy in this regard can prove deleterious for the nation.

All said and done, the escalating drug menace in and has reached a critical point, necessitating immediate and decisive action. The alarming rise in substance abuse, particularly among the youth, poses a severe threat to the social fabric and future of the region. The existing legal framework although in place to combat drug trafficking and abuse has proven insufficient in curbing this growing crisis thus making it imperative to amend current laws and introduce more stringent measures to effectively address and eradicate this menace.

One of the primary reasons for the rampant spread of drug abuse is the region's vulnerability due to its geopolitical situation. Proximity to the border and LoC has made Jammu and Kashmir a hotspot for drug trafficking. Traffickers exploit the porous borders to smuggle drugs into the region.

The introduction of stricter laws targeting not only the users but also the suppliers and traffickers is crucial. Enhanced border security coupled with more severe penalties for those involved in the drug trade, can serve as a deterrent.

By adopting a comprehensive strategy that includes preventive, punitive, and rehabilitative measures, the government can work towards eradicating the drug menace and securing a healthier future for the region.

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