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EditorialSecurity at Airports serious matter

Security at Airports serious matter


As terrorism is a big threat today especially with regard to safety and security of air travelers and aeroplanes thus making it imperative that at no point of time there should be any kind of non-seriousness on the aforesaid issue.

In this context, the step taken by security staffers to raise a call against two passengers giving threat of a nuclear bomb during frisking at Delhi’s IGI airport, though reports later revealed that the whole gamut was nothing but poorly timed joke. The seriousness of the matter is quite critical that those involved in this bad wit incident have to visit dungeons for some time before getting bails as security personnel and the airlines staffers are working under stressful conditions giving no room to such kind of non-seriousness as it is matter of safety of hundreds of passengers and the properties worth crores of rupees in the shape of aircraft and other assets.

It is pertinent to mention that two travelers from Gujarat were arrested after they threatened the security staff of a probable nuclear bomb. The matter of fact in the aforesaid case was that the two passengers challenged the security staff against performing duty as per the SOP and during the frisking they said that what are you checking when it is already done?

This most probably seems to be a badly timed joke as reports have averred that both the aforesaid travelers are out on bail but what is to be seen and noticed in this case is that the security staff has a colossal responsibility on their shoulders to make every flight incident free and therefore it is very difficult for them to keep scope for such non-serious and lighter moments which have the potential to become a real threat.

Going by this critical situation, it is the duty of every meaningful citizen to cooperate as far as possible with the security personnel whether they belong to CISF, airlines, or any other agency because in very less time a gigantic operation has to be performed to sieve all the threat possessing entities.



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