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EditorialProclaim them ‘Deadwood’, Show them doors

Proclaim them ‘Deadwood’, Show them doors


At a time, when showing dedication and working with absolute zeal by the employees is in vogue in the government departments, brazen indiscipline shown by over a dozen staffers of School Department needs to be dealt with strong hands to allow a message to ripple down the line deterring other employees with similar tendencies of taking things for granted from taking such undue liberties.

It is pertinent to mention that 16 employees of the School Education Department reportedly went missing after their deployment on election duty in the Election Cell at the DC Office in Rajouri. However, following their failure to reach duty and their subsequent absence without permission, the Electoral Registration Officer and ACR Rajouri, Jahangir Ahmed Khan, relieved these erring officials from the Election Cell. They directed them to return to their schools for routine duty. Despite this directive, the Lecturers, Masters, and Teachers also failed to report for duty in their respective schools. This situation strongly warrants considering them as deadwood and taking appropriate legal action. It is imperative to address this obstinate workforce, which appears to be unproductive and detrimental, by showing them the door.

What is startling is that the aforesaid employees, who neither reached the Election Cell for duty nor attended the schools to teach the children, reportedly are still missing with no information available regarding their whereabouts. Though the concerned CEO has issued a show cause notice to all the 16 missing officials and has sought a reply within two days with a strict warning of legal action if no satisfactory reply is submitted within stipulated time, the chances of a positive response seems to be bleak as still their whereabouts is a mystery.

It is imperative for the government to respond firmly to such cases in order to establish a precedent that underscores the seriousness of absenteeism and irresponsibility among public servants. Failing to address these instances decisively may inadvertently condone such behavior, potentially leading to a proliferation of similar incidents in the future. By taking decisive action against those who shirk their duties, the government can send a clear message that absenteeism and neglect of responsibilities will not be tolerated. Such measures are essential not only to maintain discipline within government departments but also to safeguard the integrity and efficiency of public service delivery.

Therefore, it is incumbent upon the authorities to enforce strict penalties and disciplinary measures against errant employees, ensuring that they face the consequences of their actions. This proactive approach is essential to uphold standards of professionalism, accountability, and efficiency within the civil service, ultimately serving the best interests of both the government and the citizens it serves.




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