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EntertainmentPrithviraj bares his soul on the 16-year bumpy yet fulfilling journey of...

Prithviraj bares his soul on the 16-year bumpy yet fulfilling journey of epic survival drama Aadujeevitham


After over a decade and a half of anticipation, Malayalam superstar Prithviraj Sukumaran's epic survival drama Aadujeevitham is finally set to release this week. As fans count down to experience this cinematic spectacle on the big screen, Prithviraj gets candid about his 16-year journey with the passionate project.

In an insightful dialogue with this correspondent, Prithviraj reflects on how signing up for Aadujeevitham way back in 2008 has shaped his professional and personal growth over the years. “I was at a different phase of life when I first committed to this film. I have evolved significantly since but Aadujeevitham remained a constant driving me forward”, remarks the versatile actor.

When asked if the lengthy delays ever made him regret the decision, Prithviraj asserts it was a challenging yet proudly fulfilling experience. “Blessy and I knew the vision exceeded industry constraints but we had faith. While it took a huge effort and resources, we stayed true to our creative vision”, he says appreciatively.

The Malayalam superstar gets real about the “enormous financial investment” and “obstacle-ridden process” to bring Blessy's ambitious adaptation of Benyamin's novel to the big screen. However, he is immensed with pride that the team overcame all adversities without compromise. If the rousing trailer is any indication, the wait would be well worth it for loyal fans of Prithviraj and Malayalam cinema.

After 16 years of anticipation, Aadujeevitham is ready to captivate audiences globally. But for Prithviraj, the intimate insight into the film's legendary journey is what will truly define this release. A cinematic feast is upon us, one that was crafted with passion, perseverance and true artistic spirit.

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