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EntertainmentPower sector takes steps to avoid outages as India braces for 260GW...

Power sector takes steps to avoid outages as India braces for 260GW peak electricity demand


As temperatures rise across the country in anticipation of an intense summer season, authorities in the power sector have taken proactive measures to shore up electricity generation capacity. With forecasts pointing to peak power requirement touching 260 gigawatts due to scorching heat, all efforts are underway to avoid disruptions to reliable power supply.

In light of the impending high electricity usage, 's Power Ministry has invoked special provisions to instruct fifteen imported coal-based and idling gas-fired plants to operate at full output. The directive aims to utilize every available resource to meet the projected record-breaking peak demand. Thermal stations have also been asked to remain operational over the coming months until mid-October to shore up base load supply.

While India has witnessed substantial growth in solar and wind energy in recent years, the intermittent nature of these renewable sources poses challenges, especially during evening peak hours. To bridge this gap, the country is working to boost energy storage infrastructure that can absorb surplus clean power and discharge it whenever required. However, with storage solutions still in development stages, thermal and gas-fired generation remains critical to satisfy peak demand reliably.

In the previous fiscal year that ended in March 2024, peak electricity requirement climbed to 243 gigawatts. Though shortage levels were contained at around 1% thanks to cooler , authorities will not take any chances this summer. Preparations are in full swing to ensure power supplies remain uninterrupted even if high temperatures drive consumption to an all-time high of 260GW. The Power Ministry's timely actions aim to avoid a repeat of load shedding from past years by utilizing all available production capacity prudently.

As heatwaves are projected across large swathes of the country in the coming period, the vigilance of sector stakeholders will be crucial to maintain stable electricity access for homes and industries. With unrelenting focus on reliability, authorities strive to light up every corner of the nation unhindered through the peak summer months.

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