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EditorialPolitical discourse stoops too low!

Political discourse stoops too low!


There was a time when the examples were given about those sitting in the Parliament House for their decency and grace but unfortunately with the passage of time instances of using slurs, calling names, contemptuous and loose language etc. have become common and many parliamentarians of last two decades in invariably have indulged into unparliamentary language inside the temple of democracy, which cannot be accepted as new norm and it needs to be decried at all levels. In this context, an ugly scene has become the talk of the town when BJP MP Ramesh Bidhuri has triggered a massive political row after he used derogatory words against BSP MP Danish Ali in Lok Sabha during a debate on the success of Chandrayaan 3. Those who saw the live proceedings must also have noted that Danish Ali after giving his speech, as usual, continued interruption and provocation to Ramesh Bidhuri.

Taking the appropriate decision, the Lok Sabha Speaker has rightly directed to expunge the entire episode of stooping so low in the Lok Sabha and has given stern warning to the MP at fault not to repeat such a ‘degraded behaviour' in future. Raj Nath Singh, the Minister has disapproved of the language used by Bidhuri and expressed his regret. This was not enough; BJP has also issued a show cause notice to Bidhuri for his use of objectionable words against BSP MP Danish Ali. This objectionable outburst has caused embarrassment for BJP because it was presently on cloud nine over Chanderyaan 3's success and hassle-free passing of Women's Reservation Bill.

This latest incident is not the only one in the parliament. The same Danish Ali who has been habitual of interrupting the treasury bench members and ministers with his provocations sometimes go unbearable. Ali, who claimed himself as the descendent of Tipu Sultan and proclaimed himself as Kunwar Danish Ali, has not even spared the Prime Minister, when he called him “Neech” while the latter was speaking in the house.

People of India still remember the loose and most hurting remarks by the then Samajwadi Party MP on the Hindu Gods, Ram, Janaki etc identifying these with Alcohol in Rajya Sabha six years ago. Aggarwal's remarks created ruckus in the house and he did not express apology. However, after insistence of BJP members, he simply expressed ‘Khed' (regret) and the BJP settled for the insulting Hindu sentiments. It is further shocking that the same BJP later allowed Aggarwal's entry into the party fold! What Sougat Roy of TMC spoke about the existence of Lord Rama is still fresh in the public memory. Kerjriwal narrating a contemptuous story of “Chouthi Pass Raja” about the Prime Minister of India in Delhi Assembly, who has been elected by the people, is most abhorrent. He never dared to repeat such remarks out of Assembly, as all these loose cannons take advantage of immunity granted to the MPs, MLAs and MLCs under Article 105 and 194 on whatever nonsense they speak or do in the respective houses of parliament or state legislature respectively.

Out of legislature and parliament, there are countless incidents across India, where the politicians and religious leaders spit venom and abuses to hurt the religious sentiments of people of various faiths professed in India and go scot-free. The most recent hateful and contemptuous comments made by Udhai Nidhi Stalin of DMK, Swami Prashad Maurya of Samajwadi Party on Sanathn Dharma followed by majority of the people or for that matter atrocious comments made by Congress president Udai Bhan, a day before, using “derogatory language” against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, proves how low the level of political discourse has gone in India in the last few decades. How such comments are acceptable in a civilised and democratic society

Coming back to Bidhuri's case, all such objectionable behaviour has set up precedents in the history of legislature and which is unwarranted, unacceptable and indecent. The same Danish Ali, who passed indecent comments against popular Bhojpuri actor-turned BJP MP on his children and family. The incident occurred at Amroha, from where Danish Ali comes to Lok Sabha, is still fresh in the public memory, where Ali snatched the microphone from the anchor when the BJP activist raised the slogan of “Bharat Mata ki Jai” on the eve of Amrit Bharat function. , often considered as the arena for the clash of ideas, is rife with ideological differences because diverse perspectives and beliefs are the lifeblood of a functioning democracy but the manner in which these differences are expressed can be a matter of great concern in a vibrant democracy. The use of unparliamentary language and name-calling become all too common in politics today, and this trend in vogue deserves to be rejected by one and all and without exceptions.

Unparliamentary language deepens political polarization and hinders effective governance because when leaders engage in exchanging slurs it becomes increasingly difficult to find common ground and collaborate across the aisle leading to legislative gridlock which has the potential to impede functioning of parliament leaving important issues unattended.  It is imperative that pressure should be mounted on leaders to dwell on pedestals of higher standards and rely on civil and respectful dialogue, as it is only through this that a country can truly achieve effective and inclusive governance.



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