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TechnologyMicrosoft warns of potential use of AI generated content by China to...

Microsoft warns of potential use of AI generated content by China to influence India’s Lok Sabha elections 2024


As gears up for its highly anticipated 2024 Lok Sabha polls, a new report from cyber security giant Microsoft warns that artificial intelligence generated content could be used to try and sway voters.

In their report titled “Same targets, new playbooks: East Asia threat actors employ unique methods”, Microsoft's Threat Analysis Center details recent trends observed from threat actors in China and North Korea. Some notable findings include China refining the use of AI to create and spread propaganda supporting their strategic interests on social media.

Most concerning is Microsoft's assessment that China will at minimum generate and distribute AI-made content online with the aim of influencing the outcomes of high-profile elections in countries like India, US and South Korea happening this year. While the direct impact may be limited, experts note such tactics could prove more effective with advances in AI and viral sharing capabilities.

The report points to precedents set recently in Taiwan's presidential election where pro-Beijing groups were found deploying deepfakes and altered imagery online for the first time. With India poised for crucial polls and existing border tensions, Microsoft warns of rising risks from states experimenting with new ways to sway democratic processes through technological means.

Going forward, policymakers and social platforms will need to vigilantly monitor for any AI manipulated or enhanced propaganda campaigns targeting the Indian elections online. As outpaces regulations, safeguarding electoral integrity against these evolving threats remains a pressing challenge.

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