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TechnologyMeta Unveils Visual AI for Ray-Ban Smart Glasses

Meta Unveils Visual AI for Ray-Ban Smart Glasses


Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has announced a major upgrade to their popular Ray-Ban Smart Glasses. The hands-free glasses can now understand what the wearer sees through AI powered by Meta.

This latest update allows the glasses to act as a mobile AI assistant. Wearers can ask questions about their surroundings and get helpful information in real-time without needing to touch their device. Capabilities like translation, object identification and contextual facts are now available at the request of the user.

The AI functionality is powered by Meta's advanced computer vision. By processing what the built-in camera captures, the smart glasses can recognize text, detect objects and environments. Users engage with the visual AI through voice commands like “Hey Meta”. This allows for fully hands-free interactions.

Meta is launching the new capabilities through a beta program in the US and Canada initially. The company stated their goal is to transform the glasses into powerful context-aware assistants that can understand and assist with what the wearer sees. This represents a leap forward for AI integration into wearable devices.

The glasses collection is also expanding with new customizable styles. More frame and lens options mean users can personalize the look. Additional features like sharing your view during video calls have also been added, allowing for a new perspective during virtual conversations.

By adding visual comprehension, Meta is taking their Ray-Ban partnership to the next level. The future of wearable AI assistance is unfolding before our eyes through innovations like this. It will be exciting to follow the ongoing development of smart specs that see and understand our .

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