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EditorialIndia’s Another Big Leap In Defence Sector

India’s Another Big Leap In Defence Sector


In yet another milestone in cruise missile , successfully flight-tested Indigenous Technology Cruise Missile (ITCM) from a facility off Odisha coast. Reportedly, all subsystems performed as per expectations during the test flight. Those having knowledge about India's missile technology must say that the successful development of the indigenous long-range subsonic cruise missile powered by indigenous propulsion is a major milestone for Indian defence R&D.

It is pertinent to mention that the performance of the missile was monitored by several Range Sensors such as Radar, Electro Optical Tracking System (EOTS) and Telemetry deployed by the Integrated Test Range at various locations to ensure complete coverage of the flight path. Besides, the flight of the missile was also monitored from the Su-30-Mk-I aircraft of the Indian Air Force and it was found that the missile followed the desired path using waypoint navigation and demonstrated very low altitude sea-skimming flight. This successful flight test has also established the reliable performance of the indigenous propulsion system developed by Gas Turbine Research Establishment (GTRE), Bengaluru. The missile is developed by Bengaluru-based DRDO laboratory Aeronautical Development Establishment along with contributions from other laboratories and Indian industries.

ITCM is a technology demonstrator programme, which has been launched to validate the capability of Made-in-India small turbo fan engine, upgraded radio frequency seekers, and other subsystems developed for the indigenous cruise missile. Equipped with the new turbo fan engine, the missile was tested in full operational configuration. The propulsion system performed very well and the missile reached the desired cruise altitude as expected.

Reportedly, it achieved second consecutive success after a failed attempt on October 28, 2022 as the system developed a snag in the engine after separation of the booster stage. Fitted with an upgraded radio frequency seeker and Manik engine, the missile was test fired successfully on February 21, 2023. India has embarked on a transformative journey in bolstering its defence capabilities, marking a significant era in its strategic military evolution. There is no doubt in the fact that the Indian Government has taken decisive steps toward fortifying security, enhancing indigenous defence manufacturing, and making infrastructure more robust. The Union Government has prioritized the modernization and strategic expansion of the Indian military's infrastructure. Through these concerted efforts, Prime Minister Modi's regime has marked a new chapter in India's defence narrative, characterized by a surge in indigenous production, strategic empowerment, and enhanced global cooperation, thereby fortifying its sovereignty and security in an increasingly volatile world.

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