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EditorialGiving way to Ambulances!

Giving way to Ambulances!


It is a persistent issue in and that ambulances carrying critical patients face significant challenges in reaching their destinations promptly, thus endangering the lives of the ailing persons. This problem stems from several factors, including the narrow road networks in peripheral areas around urban centers, the apathy and disregard of fellow commuters on the roads, and, most significantly, the lack of coordination with traffic authorities. This has become a common occurrence in the Union Territory, with ambulances frequently getting stuck in lengthy traffic jams, exacerbating already dire situations. Given that the primary purpose of these vehicles is to swiftly transport the ill to hospitals, every effort must be made to minimize delays and ensure timely medical attention.

It is good that the Traffic Department has come up with stringent directions against those stalling the free movement of ambulances as it has been said that if vehicles on the road are found obstructing ambulances ferrying critically ill patients, they will now incur a fine of Rs 10,000 and a six-month imprisonment.

Such strict laws are the need of the time as taming the phlegmatic commuters on roads is imperative for saving precious lives because there is no emergency more emergent than taking a critically ailing patient to the healthcare facility and therefore the fine and the sentence proposed by the authorities in the aforesaid case is quite justified.

There is another factor which holds much significance and that is proper implementation of this order and a check on any kind of probable misuse of the direction since traffic chaos on roads is a universal problem in J&K and while charging someone under this rule all aspects should be taken care of to ensure that no innocent person has to face the wrath unnecessarily, and for this special training should be given to those responsible for deciding the fate of such cases.

The directions issued in the aforesaid matter have been subjected to Kashmir Division only but the issue is being confronted by the people across the Union Territory and therefore it imperative that the Jammu counterparts of the Traffic Department should also take a cue and go for similar set-up as giving way to ambulances should be the priority of one and all.





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