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TechnologyForce dark mode on any Android smartphone with these easy methods

Force dark mode on any Android smartphone with these easy methods


Dark mode has become a preferred setting for many Android users to reduce eyestrain and save battery on OLED screens. While most apps now offer an optional dark theme, some may not have added this feature yet. However, did you know there is a way to make the entire interface including all apps take on a dark appearance?

With Android 10 and newer versions, it is possible to force dark mode as the default look across any Android device. The best part is it works regardless of the phone's age. There are two methods users can try to pull this off.

The simplest way does not require any special access. Go into Settings, then Accessibility where you'll find an option for high contrast fonts and themes. Turn this on and it overrides app designs with a dark colored mode.

For a deeper customization, unlock the developer options in your phone's Settings. Once enabled, go to the Drawing section and look for ‘Override force dark'. Activating this will darken every aspect of the interface and running apps.

It is worth noting that some app functionality could be impacted since they are not made for an enforced dark mode. Visual oddities may also occur. But with a few taps, you can give your Android a beautiful blackout look whether the apps endorse it or not. Give these hacks a try to experience dark mode everywhere on your device!

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