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Life StyleFind the Perfect Shades for Your Face with this Sunglasses Guide

Find the Perfect Shades for Your Face with this Sunglasses Guide


The summer heat is upon us and protecting our eyes from the bright sun has become essential. While sunglasses serve the important purpose of shielding our vision, they can also be a great accessory to complement one's appearance. However, with the myriad designs available in the market today, selecting the right pair that accentuates your facial features can be challenging. That's where understanding your face shape comes handy.

Your face dimensions, including length, width and the positioning of features like cheekbones and jawline, play a key role in identifying glasses that flatter your looks. The first step is to measure the distance between your cheeks, jawline and from hairline to chin to determine whether your face is round, square, oval, rectangular, diamond or heart-shaped. Armed with this knowledge, you can opt for styles recommended for your unique facade.

For example, individuals with round faces should go for frames like rectangles or squares to create the illusion of thinner proportions. On the other hand, square jawlines match well with rounded glasses to soften angles. Regardless of face type, timeless designs like classic wayfarers suit most. Additionally, balancing trends with functional aspects like protecting from UV rays should be the priority. Overall, choosing sunglasses that complement rather than conceal your natural features allows harnessing their power to amplify your personal style this summer season.

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