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Life StyleEasy Vastu Changes For Deeper Sleep

Easy Vastu Changes For Deeper Sleep


For many people nowadays, a good night's sleep seems to be eluding them. With busy schedules and the constant distractions of , winding down at the end of the day has become a challenge. However, getting quality rest is crucial for both physical and mental well-being. According to a recent study on Vastu Shastra and sustainable living, the ancient Indian principles of space arrangement can enhance our connection to the and promote positivity. Vastu expert Manoj Shrivastava shares some helpful tips grounded in tradition to ensure readers sleep soundly.

He advises avoiding sharp items or mirrors near the bed, which can attract stress. Electronics like phones and WiFi routers are also best kept at a distance before bed since their light and signals may disrupt sleep patterns. Large groupings of plants or materials could drain energy overnight as well. Instead, Shrivastava suggests decorating the area above the headboard with a peaceful painting or artwork. Rose quartz crystals and fresh flowers are also calming choices to place in the bedroom. Symbols of love, harmony and balance such as pairs of birds provide beneficial vibes. For those experiencing uneven rest, positioning the bedroom for optimal feng shui and incorporating scents like fennel under the pillow may offer relief.

With small adjustments grounded in Vastu, readers can set themselves up for undisturbed beauty sleep and wake refreshed each day. Implementing these ancient secrets only takes minimal effort but yields major improvements in quality of life.

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