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Life StyleCommon household items to avoid for better health

Common household items to avoid for better health


Dear readers, while everyday items may make our lives more convenient, it's important we consider how they impact our . Here are six commonly used products doctors advise avoiding, and safer alternatives:

Air fresheners: The scented sprays and plug-ins we use to make our homes smell fresh can actually contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that irritate our respiratory systems. Switching to natural air purifiers like potted plants or bowls of vinegar allows us to breathe easier.

Non-stick pans: We use them for their ease of cleaning, but studies have found the coatings release toxic fumes when overheated that have been linked to issues like cancer. Ceramic, stainless steel and cast iron cooking vessels provide non-chemical options.

Cleaning products: Under the sink, we stash bottle after bottle of harsh chemicals to banish dirt. But many contain bleaches and ammonia that irritate skin and lungs with regular exposure. Make your own non-toxic cleaners from inexpensive ingredients like baking soda and vinegar instead.

Pesticides: Sprayed to kill pests, these solutions contain neurotoxic materials. Safely removing pest entry points and their food sources through good hygiene practices like sealing cracks means they'll leave on their own, no toxins required.

Plastic containers: We use them to package food for convenience. However, some plastic leaches hormone-disrupting compounds like BPA into our meals. Storing snacks and leftovers in glass or stainless steel protects our health long term.

Dryer sheets: These leave our laundry smelling fresh but release chloroform gas, hazardous to breath. Organic wool balls gently tumble clothes while preserving indoor air quality. Simple ventilation works too.

With a little thought, small changes make a big difference. Let's green our spaces and wellbeing by choosing products free of hidden risks. Our homes should be havens, not sources of preventable sickness. With awareness, safer living is simplicity itself.

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