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Life StyleHow Your Sleeping Position Impacts Wrinkle Formation Over Time

How Your Sleeping Position Impacts Wrinkle Formation Over Time


As a seasoned reporter, I'm aware that our sleeping positions can impact wrinkle development on our face over time. While temporary sleep lines may not seem like a big deal, if left unaddressed they have the potential to become permanent as our skin loses elasticity with age.

It's no secret that gravity takes its toll on our facial skin while we snooze. When we sleep on our side or stomach, the weight of our head causes skin compression and stretching. This mechanical pressure deforms the delicate structure of the dermis. Areas in contact with the pillow surface endureadded surface pressure too. The degree and duration of these external forces impacts how—and how quickly—wrinkles form in different regions of the face.

Dermatologists can often determine one's primary sleeping orientation just by examining the skin. Those favoring one side typically have tell-tale signs like smoother skin on the resting side and more defined lines elsewhere.

Of course, natural ageing isn't the only culprit. Other lifestyle habits like sun damage and smoking expedite the breakdown of collagen and elastin—proteins that keep our skin supple. Poor hydration also thinsskin, depriving it of moisture to retain flexibility.

The good news is there are steps we can take to support skin elasticity and potentially diminish wrinkling over time. Supplementing with collagen-boosting ingredients like hyaluronic acid can plump thin skin. Additionally, switching to silk pillowcases or experimenting with anti-pressure pillow designs may reduce friction and indentations. Adopting a pre-bed moisturizing routine utilizing humectants can also prep the skin for compression.

With some small adjustments and protecting skin overall, it'spossibleto catch those pesky sleep lines before they settle in for good. With a little TLC, we can help our largest organ withstand the test of time.

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