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CDC Rushes Help as Measles Spreads in Chicago Shelter

The measles outbreak in Chicago refuses to relent, with five confirmed cases now reported at a local migrant shelter. Public officials are on high alert as CDC experts are deployed to contain the contagious virus.

Chicago's Department of Public Health revealed on Monday that two additional adults and a young child had been diagnosed with measles at the shelter. Though the cases remain stable, concerns are growing as this aerial form of the virus spreads easily amongst the congregate living quarters.

Neighboring Philip D. Armour Elementary school has taken precautionary steps, advising at-risk students to avoid classes until their vaccination status can be verified. School leadership is working closely with health authorities to respond swiftly and limit exposure.

It remains a puzzle as to how the outbreak originated, with the initial child case recovering yet others following. The CDC team arrives Tuesday to assist local teams tracing contacts and routes of transmission. Testing, isolation, and vaccine drives will be prioritized to curb further infections at the shelter and beyond.

While the last known Chicago case was in 2019, the highly contagious virus knows no borders. Global measles numbers are climbing due to coverage declines, making communities everywhere vulnerable. The U.S. is also on the rise, motivating our defense against preventable spread. Partnerships across agencies will be key to defeating this resurging threat.

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