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5 Simple Ways to Get More Battery Life from Your Samsung Galaxy Watch


Are you wanting to get more use from your Samsung Galaxy Watch before needing to recharge? With some simple adjustments to settings and usage, you can extend the battery life. Here are 5 top tips verified to help your smartwatch last longer between charges.

  1. Lights Off Display
    The “always on” screen is very convenient but a big drain. Turn it off when not in use to avoid the constant power usage. Just a few hours a day with it disabled can make a difference.
  2. Notification Review
    Too many app alerts coming through can depleted the battery quickly. Audit which are essential to have on your watch, and disable the rest to cut back on processing.
  3. Payments Pause
    NFC for contactless payments is handy but also uses power. If mobile payments aren't a daily need, pause the functionality for longer runtime.
  4. Heart Rate Adjust
    Continuous heart monitoring tracks your fitness but consumes battery. Adjust to every 10 minutes or manually for improved battery life when possible.
  5. Assistant Standby
    Wake phrase detection for the Bixby virtual assistant runs in the background. Put it to “sleep” unless you need voice features for optimized performance.

By tweaking a few simple settings and reducing unnecessary processes, you can boost your Samsung smartwatch battery and enjoy increased usability on each charge. Extend the life between recharges with these validated tips.

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