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    India3 cr farmer credit cards to be converted into Rupay cards in...

    3 cr farmer credit cards to be converted into Rupay cards in 3 months: PM Modi


    New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is addressing the nation in a television broadcast on the New Year's Eve. In his speech, he has highlighted the performance of his government in 2016 and also outlined the priority areas for 2017.

    The following are the excerpts of his speech:

    – PM Modi concludes his speech.

    – As we welcome the New Year, lets come together to build a bright future of the country: PM Modi

    I request 's youth, farmers, community to use BHIM as much as possible: PM

    – In 1917, there was Gandhi's satyagraha. After 100 years, there is value for honesty in India: PM Modi

    – Today there is no Gandhi but his path is relevant. On 100 years of champaran, we will remember Gandhi again: PM

    – PM Modi terms demonetisation move a ‘shudhi yagna'

    – We have youth, ability, resources. Lets all come together and develop India: PM Modi

    – Senior citizens will get a standard 8 per cent interest per month from banks for savings up to Rs 7.5 lakh: PM

    – There is quite a bit of debate on political parties. We should understand people's sentiments: PM Modi

    – In all 650 plus distts, registration, delivery, vaccination, nutrition to be taken care of: PM

    – Pregnant women to get Rs 6,000 for delivery, vaccination,nutritious meals, transferred straight to their accounts: PM

    – There has been talk for simultaneous LS/Assembly polls. Time has come for a debate on this: PM Modi

    – People want digital payments now. I appeal to people to use BHIM app: PM

    – Banks have been asked to raise cash credit limit to small business to 25% from 20%: PM Modi

    – Let all scholars evaluate these policies of ours. People have been very patient: PM

    – Time for politicians to let go of ‘holier than thou' approach, work to change the system: PM

    – I request India's youth, farmers, business community to use BHIM as much as possible, says PM

    – It is time for politicians of all parties to rise above politics and ensure transparency, says PM

    – Banks have been asked to raise cash credit limit to small business to 25% from 20%: PM

    – Bank employees & authorities, along with people, did exemplary work, says PM

    – This is golden opportunity for banking system. Banks should now keep poor/ middle class at centre, says PM Modi

    – Banks should act in people's welfare. As soon as possible take decisions for benefit of citizens: PM

    – PM requests banks to come out of its traditional way of functioning

    – Villagers, poor, farmers, Dalits, women if they are empowered, the country will be strong and developed: PM

    – Many poor don't have homes even now. Homes went out of reach of even middle class: PM

    – If women are empowered, country will be stronger, says PM.

    – Govt has taken some decisions to enable poor and middle class people to purchase houses: PM Modi

    – From 2017, 4% rebate on home loans up to 9 lakhs: PM Modi

    – 3% rebate on home loans up to 12 lakhs: PM

    – 2% rebate on home loans up to 2 lakhs, announces PM Modi

    – Under PM Awaas Yojana, the lower middle and middle classes living in cities can avail of two new schemes, says PM

    – If farmers take loans, Govt will provide 60 days of interest and credit it to their accounts: PM Modi

    – PM Modi says govt will bear 60 days interest on select farm loans

    – 3 crore farmer credit cards to be converted into Rupay cards in 3 months, says PM

    – For MSMEs, we have decided to increase credit guarantee for them to 2 cr from 1 cr: PM

    – PM Modi announces two new housing schemes in cities and villages for middle, lower middle classes

    – Request banks to keep the poor, lower middle and middle classes as their focus, says PM

    – Bank employees and authorities along with people have done exemplary work, yes there have been reports of a few indulging in corruption. These people won't be spared: PM

    – I urge banks to take initiatives and launch schemes keeping in mind the poor and the middle class people: PM Modi

    – Indian had cash circulation disproportionately higher than similar sized economies, which led to price rise, says PM

    – The money that was outside the economic mainstream is back. has helped: PM Modi

    – Some banks and officials who misused the demonetisation drive will be brought to book, says PM

    – The corrupt will have to come to economic mainstream: PM

    – Youths who had turned to wrong path are returning in large nos, if we remain vigilant we can save our children from returning to violence: PM

    – It is known world wide that #Naxalism, terrorism,counterfeit note business get help from blackmoney, says PM

    – I urge banks to take initiatives and launch schemes keeping in mind the poor and the middle class: PM

    – This government is a friend of the honest and in favour of putting the dishonest in the path of truth: PM

    – Banks and people who were involved in serious corruption will not be spared: PM Modi

    – Your love is like a blessing for me. We will try to take banks to normal situation as soon as possible: PM

    – Specially in villages and remote areas, banks have been told this: PM

    – Officials have been told to concentrate on improving banking facilities especially in rural areas: PM Modi

    – What India has done is unprecedented in world history, says PM

    – 500 and 1000 notes were being used more for parallel economy: PM

    – Govt will try to normalise situation in banks in new year, says PM

    – In our economy there were mountains of notes. Inflation, black marketing was going up: PM

    – You did not hold back in the fight against corruption, black money, counterfeit currency, says PM

    – The hardships that the countrymen have gone through will be a burning example of sacrifice for the bright future of our nation: PM Modi

    – According to data, only 24 lakh people in the country have declared that their salary is above Rs 10 lakh under Income Tax: PM Modi

    – The way people have shown exemplary courage & patience, leaders like Ram Manohar Lohia, Lal Bahadur Shastri &others would be proud of them: PM

    – Lack of cash gives pain, yes. But more cash is more painful: PM

    – How long will we evade the truth, asks PM

    – This is a historic example of how govt and citizens are together fighting for truth and virtue: PM Modi

    – Economists have a consensus that cash should be in mainstream of economy: Modi

    – The events after Diwali prove several crore of our countrymen were waiting for such an initiative, says PM

    – Indians have fought and shown spirit of sacrifice to fight corruption, says PM

    – I know you stood in queues for hours for withdrawing your own money: PM

    – I understand the pain and difficulties citizens had to bear in last the 50 days: PM Modi

    – Yet people have faced problems for betterment of nation, this is your blessing. Govt will try to normalise situation in banks in new year: PM

    – The problems which the people faced for betterment of the country is an example in itself, says PM Modi

    – I have received letters of determination as also pain. You spoke as if I was your own: PM

    – One thought vices of social life had become part of our being. But we must rethink after Nov 8. People of India have proved that honesty and truth matter a lot to them: PM

    – Demonetisation is a purification campaign: PM

    – The problems which the people have faced for the betterment of the country is an example in itself: PM Modi

    – 125 cr Indians have proved after Nov 8 how important truth and goodness is for them, says PM Modi

    – Demonetisation forced even the honest to suffer: PM Modi

    – Intellectuals will later discuss how citizens stepped out to fight internal impurities

    – Crores of Indians wanted freedom from stifling corruption, says Modi

    – Let's greet new year with new determination, says PM Modi

    – People of India were waiting for an opportunity to end this struggle against corruption.

    – After Diwali, our country took an important decision to curb black money which will have long term benefits.

    – PM Modi begins his speech at 7:30 pm.

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