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TechnologyZoho CEO shares views on running a profitable business while upholding principles

Zoho CEO shares views on running a profitable business while upholding principles


Zoho CEO shares views on profits, privacy and automation

Sridhar Vembu, CEO of enterprise software firm Zoho Corporation, addressed hundreds of partners and customers at the company's annual Zoholics conference held in Austin, Texas recently. In his engagement with the audience, the tech leader underscored some notable perspectives on running a profitable , priorities around data privacy, and the future impact of artificial intelligence.

On the topic of company finances, Vembu said it is unnecessary for even profitable organizations to cut costs, as some major tech players have recently done through layoffs. “As a debt-free business, we can afford to retain all employees through good times and bad,” he commented. The CEO also emphasized that customer data belongs to users, not companies, underlining Zoho's philosophy of never monetizing private information.

Looking ahead, Vembu predicted programming roles may face more automation from advanced AI in the coming years. While noting it is still early, he anticipated certain junior programming tasks could potentially be handled by artificial intelligence, freeing up professionals to focus more on customer experience and strategic work. However, experienced coders are likely to still primarily work with and be assisted by such technologies rather than replaced.

In sharing his candid perspectives on these important industry themes, the businessman provided valuable insight into how Zoho distinguishes itself in prioritizing people and principles over profits alone. The comments offered those in attendance a thoughtful perspective on balancing business realities with ethical responsibility in .

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