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Effective Strategies Parents Can Use To Help Anxious Kids Cope Better And Overcome Worries

School children today face immense academic pressure and pandemic induced anxiety issues. With parental support through simple lifestyle changes, kids can build resilience to handle stressors better.

Kids experience unease, apprehension or fear about school, exams, performance and relationships just like adults do in different spheres of life. However, due to lack of coping mechanisms, any minor worry can escalate into frequent anxiety episodes impacting daily activities and social interactions.

While occasional anxiety is normal, persistent worrying thoughts for weeks together need professional guidance. Parents must stay alert to recognize behavioral changes signaling unrest in young minds. Common signs are avoidance of school or social events, withdrawal, tantrums, physical complaints and disturbed sleep. Patient listening without judgement helps kids open up and seek support.

Partnering with counselors, simple therapeutic activities under medical supervision can be initiated at home. Encouraging hobbies, spending quality time together in nature and practicing relaxation techniques impart a sense of control. Positive self-talk, gratitude journals and focusing on present moments also aid relaxation.

Avoiding comparisons with peers, appreciating efforts and displaying belief in child's capabilities boost confidence. Regular exercise, sound sleep, social interactions and balanced meals have proven anti-anxiety effects. With patience and consistent efforts, kids learn to face rather than flee from worries, gaining strength each time.

The future appears bright when the next generation is mentally fit to handle life's ups and downs. By addressing childhood unease through compassion, we can build a stress-resilient society.

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