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Life StyleWoman from Bihar claims facing demeaning comments and threats of physical assault...

Woman from Bihar claims facing demeaning comments and threats of physical assault from colleagues in Hyderabad workplace


A troubling account of alleged workplace discrimination has surfaced from Hyderabad. In a viral LinkedIn post, a woman from Bihar working in the city claims to have faced ethnically insensitive remarks and threats of physical violence from colleagues.

The employee recalls facing several upsetting incidents over the last year that deteriorated her mental and led to panic attacks. The most recent involved allegedly being verbally degraded with references to her home state by a co-worker. Highly offensive slurs were purportedly used threatening physical assault that would force her to return to Bihar.

Despite raising a complaint to HR, her pleas for intervention were said to have been ignored. Experts say such behaviour stems from an “us vs them” attitude fuelled by biases that severely damages victims' self-esteem. They feel ashamed and view others as enemies, exacerbating social divides.

While discrimination can occur anywhere, most companies have strict policies against it. Unfortunately, since it involves human behaviour, isolated cases may still arise. Therefore, organisations must be proactive through robust diversity training, psychological safety sessions, and carefully handling reported issues with supportive responses and corrective actions.

Counselling resources and fostering open communication where staff feel safe voicing concerns are also recommended. The set at the top plays a pivotal role in mitigating such issues and promoting inclusion. With vigilant policies and a caring approach, workplaces can curtail discrimination and protect employees' mental well-being.

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