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EditorialTranquility in heaven

Tranquility in heaven


Since Article 370 was repealed in 2019, there has been a general decrease in terrorist-related incidents and fatalities in and , according to Union Home Minister Amit Shah. According to him, there has been a significant 81 percent decrease in civilian fatalities and a noteworthy 66 percent decrease in terror-related occurrences in the area. Even while this information has sparked discussion about how the abolition of Article 370 may affect security in J&K, it is reasonable to say that the fight against terrorism is far from ended.

Even though the number of terror attacks and civilian fatalities has decreased, it is still far too high to be referred to as the “Heaven on Earth.” Even while the number of terror attacks and civilian fatalities has decreased, it is still far too high to be referred to as the “Heaven on earth.” The State of Jammu and Kashmir was given unique autonomy in governance and decision-making under Article 370, which also gave it permission to fly its own flag and establish a constitution. But on August 5, 2019, the government of Narendra Modi chose to abolish Article 370 and divide the state into Jammu & Kashmir and , two new Union Territories. Anticipating better security conditions in the area was one of the main justifications for repealing Article 370. The stated 66% decrease in terror occurrences indicates that things are gradually getting back to normal in J&K.

In the larger framework of national security as well as for the restoration of peace and stability in Jammu and Kashmir, the cessation of terrorist actions is imperative.
It is imperative to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the elements that are responsible for this drop. Some think that the reduction of extremist activity has been largely attributed to the heightened presence of security forces in conjunction with stringent counterterrorism measures. A highly worrying component of the violence in J&K has been the deaths of civilians, which frequently spark large-scale discontent and rallies. The decline in civilian fatalities points to a change in direction that is better for preserving the lives of defenseless bystanders. Even if there has reportedly been a decrease in terror attacks and fatalities among civilians, difficulties still exist.

Opponents contend that the limitations placed on travel and communication following the removal of Article 370 have made life in Jammu and Kashmir oppressive for its citizens. Human rights violations and their effects on day-to-day living continue to be serious problems that require serious thought. It's time to bring back the political process in J&K and permit political parties to resume their operations, as the government claims that things are now returning to normal. In addition, the Election Commission of was recently ordered by the Supreme Court to hold Assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir by September 2024, which presents a significant obstacle for the security services. Another obstacle to holding free and fair elections there is the troublemakers' fervent desire to sabotage the proceedings. However, we cannot declare Kashmir peaceful until a democratically elected government has been established there.



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