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Life StyleThe Right Way to Wash and Store Grapes for a Healthier Snack

The Right Way to Wash and Store Grapes for a Healthier Snack


Grapes are a sweet treat enjoyed by many but did you know unwashed grapes may pose certain risks? Social media has highlighted how unwashed grapes could potentially expose you to chemical residues, insects or bacteria from farming practices. But with the right preparation methods, you can safely reap grapes' flavor and health perks.

How should you clean grapes for optimum safety? Thoroughly rinsing under running water is sufficient to remove dirt and potential contaminants, says nutrition expert Rhea Shroff Ekhlas. She emphasizes washing is a must to avoid ingesting harmful substances. While some use baking soda or vinegar solutions, the effectiveness of these isn't scientifically proven. Opting for organic or specialized wash may offer extra precaution.

Proper drying and storage also keeps grapes fresher for longer. Ekhlas advises gently patting grapes dry with a clean towel or letting them air dry. Then place in a container with partial ventilation to prevent mold from excess moisture. Full airtight sealing can cause early spoilage too. The fridge is ideal to extend shelf life up to a few days.

With a little effort in washing and properly storing after harvest, you can feel good about snacking on tasty, nutritious grapes safely. Always rinse before eating to benefit from grapes' natural goodness without worrying about unwanted contaminant intake. Enjoy!

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