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TechnologyTesla CEO Hints Humanoid 'Optimus' Robot Could Hit Factories This Year and...

Tesla CEO Hints Humanoid ‘Optimus’ Robot Could Hit Factories This Year and Stores by 2025


Could Tesla's Humanoid ‘Optimus' Hit Factory Floors This Year? CEO Musk Says Bots Could Be For Sale By 2025

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has given a timeline for the release of the company's much anticipated humanoid robot dubbed ‘Optimus', indicating production versions could be helping out on factory floors as early as the end of 2022 and available for consumer purchase before 2026 wraps up.

In comments to investors during Tesla's recent earnings call, Musk suggested the advanced automaton, introduced last year as ‘Bumblebee', has progressed significantly at the Silicon Valley automaker's labs. The tech mogul estimated Optimus may take over certain repetitive manufacturing tasks before 2023 closes out, should testing and safety certifications go smoothly.

More intriguing is that Musk ventured Optimus could roll off assembly lines and into homes/businesses by the end of 2025. If achieved, it would mark a rapid timeline compared to robotics rivals like Honda, Hyundai and Boston Dynamics – though achievability remains to be seen given Musk's ambitious past projections.

Optimus debuted performing mundane tasks like folding clothing, but with Tesla's expertise in autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence, the robot is touted to assist with duties people find hazardous, strenuous or tiresome. It could lend a helping hand to the elderly, take over physical labor or even one day serve as a security presence.

Of course, many challenges lie ahead but if Musk's 2025 goal sticks, Tesla may potentially disrupt multiple industries and give the likes of Amazon, Lowe's and John Deere a run for their automation money in just a few short years. Only time will tell if the tech pioneer can really showcase a retail-ready Optimus before another calendar comes to a close.

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