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TechnologyMicrosoft launches low-cost Phi-3-mini AI model to boost business accessibility to artificial...

Microsoft launches low-cost Phi-3-mini AI model to boost business accessibility to artificial intelligence


Microsoft has launched a new lightweight AI model called Phi-3-mini, providing a more affordable option for businesses looking to incorporate artificial intelligence capabilities. The tech giant says Phi-3-mini is the first in its series of small language models (SLMs) aimed at making AI accessible for a wider customer base at a lower cost.

As the increasingly leverages AI technologies across various industries, cost has been a barrier for many small and medium companies. Microsoft's new SLM is designed to overcome this challenge. Phi-3-mini is touted to be dramatically cheaper than comparable AI offerings, with estimated savings of around 90%. This significant reduction in pricing opens up AI opportunities for businesses with smaller budgets.

The lightweight model is optimized for performing basic language and text related tasks. It can handle simple natural language queries, text analysis and generation. While not as powerful as large transformer models, Phi-3-mini offers a cost-effective starting point for enterprises looking to experiment with and integrate AI into certain operations or software applications.

Companies will be able to access Phi-3-mini directly through Microsoft's Azure cloud marketplace. It will also be available on other AI platforms like Hugging Face and Nvidia GPUs, expanding the compatible environments. Partnerships with firms in the AI domain will further help Phi-3-mini gain reach among potential customers globally.

By debuting an affordable AI model, Microsoft aims to facilitate the widespread adoption of the . Lower costs could motivate more businesses across sectors to leverage AI's benefits. This move makes the company well-positioned to tap into the growing demand for -friendly AI solutions, helping advance its leadership in the field.

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