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TechnologySimple ways to filter unnecessary notifications and declutter your phone screen

Simple ways to filter unnecessary notifications and declutter your phone screen


The never-ending stream of notifications on our phones can leave us feeling overwhelmed and distracted. Whether it is messaging apps, emails, social updates or promotional alerts, smartphones have become a constant source of disruption. However, there are some low-effort methods you can use to filter unnecessary notifications and declutter your phone screen.

One of the simplest things you can do is review notification settings for each app and adjust them according to your needs. For example, you may not need promotional alerts from food delivery or e-commerce apps. These can easily be disabled without missing out on important updates. Some phones also have a focus mode that silences all notifications except select contacts, helping you avoid distractions during important tasks.

Message filtering services can also be useful to weed out spam messages and alert you only for communications from priority contacts. Many such tools allow blocking common marketing keywords to prevent irrelevant notifications. You can also clear recent alerts with a single swipe instead of dismissing them individually to quickly empty your notification shade.

Being mindful of notification volume is important too. Consider reviewing app permissions regularly and disabling alerts for apps you rarely use. You can also set Do Not Disturb on your device during times when you need peace of mind. Using a smartwatch or wearables also duplicates mobile alerts, so go through the same notification filter process on these devices.

Making small tweaks like these will help declutter your phone interface and prevent unnecessary distraction. With a little effort, you can stay in control of your device instead of feeling overwhelmed by the constant stream of notifications.

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