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Sameera Reddy achieves a different “high” through advanced yoga handstand pose; learn steps and benefits


The actress Sameera Reddy recently shared on her Instagram stories that she experienced a ‘different kind of high' after practicing an advanced yoga posture called Adho Mukha Vrksasana or downward facing handstand pose. In the picture shared, Sameera can be seen effortlessly balancing her entire body weight on her hands while her legs are extended straight up in the air.

Practicing complicated yoga asanas requires immense strength, balance, concentration and dedication. Sameera obviously possesses these qualities which allowed her to perform this pose with apparent ease. However, for regular fitness enthusiasts and yoga practitioners, the handstand pose is considered quite difficult to achieve.

In order to help others experience the positive effects of this posture, renowned yoga trainer Garima Goyal explains the step-by-step process to perform it correctly along with demonstrating the various physical and mental benefits it provides.

First, one must get into a high plank position with arms straight and shoulders aligned over the wrists. Then slowly kick one leg up and use the momentum to lift the other leg off the floor as well to come into an inverted “V” shape position balancing on both hands. It is essential to engage the core muscles and breathe deeply while maintaining the body in a straight alignment from wrists to hips to ankles.

With regular practice against a wall for balance support, one can gradually build the upper body and core strength required to perform a free standing handstand. It is always advisable to learn the pose under an expert's supervision to avoid any injuries.

Some key benefits of Adho Mukha Vrksasana includes strengthening arm, shoulder and wrist muscles. It improves overall balance, coordination and concentration abilities. Upside down positions are also good for blood circulation. Regular practice can boost confidence levels and self-esteem in individuals as it helps overcome any fears.

Sameera's inspirational post highlights how advanced yoga asanas when performed correctly can elevate both physical and mental well-being. More people can experience the different “high” through consistent and guided practice of this beneficial handstand pose.

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