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TechnologyPotential Risks: Bluetooth Speakers and Your Pets

Potential Risks: Bluetooth Speakers and Your Pets


While Bluetooth speakers are convenient for us, their inaudible high-frequency tones can be stressful and even harmful to pets like cats and dogs.

Bluetooth speakers have become a lot more accessible and convenient over the last few years, which is why they’re found in most households. However, if you’re a pet parent, a Bluetooth speaker might do more harm than good. According to a recent study by Genode, a Bluetooth speaker can “unintentionally have a harmful effect on the well-being of their pets.”

Humans and pets (cats and dogs) hear audio frequencies at different ranges. While we can hear audio frequencies in the range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz, pets, especially cats, can hear up to 65 kHz, while dogs can hear up to 45 kHz, as reported by Fear Free Happy Homes. This simply means, our pets can hear noises that we cannot.

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