Pakistan presenter Zainab Abbas leaves World Cup midway; was she deported, or left India on her own? Here is her old anti-India viral post

Chandigarh, Oct 10 : Pakistani presenter Zainab Abbas — who was deputed to cover Pakistan's Cup games — left on Monday after she was trolled on social media over her alleged old anti-India posts.

She was a part of the ICC digital team covering the ODI World Cup.

The 35-year-old was present at the Rajiv Gandhi Stadium in Hyderabad for Pakistan's World Cup opener against the Netherlands on October 6.

Posts from her unverified X account had gone viral after she announced that she would be covering the ICC mega event in India.

As speculation on social media intensified over her departure from India in the middle of the tournament, the International Council clarified that Zainab was not deported from the host country.

“Zainab has not been deported, she has left for personal reasons,” an ICC spokesperson told sources.

She was to travel to Bengaluru, Chennai and Ahmedabad where Pakistan are scheduled to play.