Online Education amid covid


The outbreak of coronavirus had forced all the institutions to shift entirely to the online mode of education. Online mode of learning has become the backbone of the modern education sector. Many academic institutions that were earlier reluctant to change their traditional pedagogical approach had no option but to switch completely over to the online teaching learning. E-learning has gained widespread popularity amid covid as this covid pandemic has drastically affected the education sector globally. Online system of education has become a prominent tool these days in order to impart knowledge among the students. However, Various social media platforms such as video conferencing websites, Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp, Zoom app and many other tools  are being used efficiently and effectively by the educators to impart education to its students while sitting at home. Thanks to the technological advancements made by the various IT giants in terms of providing such social media platforms which connects teachers and students together with the single click of the mouse.

But every form of comes with its own boons and curses; it is the way we use determines how and how much it can influence us. It is the same case for online learning as well, if used properly it can be a blessing. It has also been widely observed that students are becoming more and more dependent on computer machines as they hardly use their mind and brain. Complete dependence on machines will make students lethargic and inefficient because now a days students are not participating in extra-curricular activities that would have been only possible in schools and colleges.  Sitting whole day on the computers and operating mobiles day in and day out will make students physically inactive and weak. Doing less physical activity and excercise will immensely affect the student's mind and overall body development. Someone has rightly said that “A sound mind resides in a sound body” so by being completely dependent on computers and mobiles will create a void in the mental equilibrium of the child and obviously he can't enjoy the happy life. Therefore maintaining a healthy balance between the online mode of learning and physical exercise will only  pave a way for the student's better future.

                                                                                                                             Vivek Koul

Gole Gujral