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IndiaNeglected Govt middle School in Nahoti Lacks Sports facilites

Neglected Govt middle School in Nahoti Lacks Sports facilites


Ajay Sharma

Rajouri, April 19

Notwithstanding the significance of for students, a Government Middle School Nahoti, situated in Zone Lower Hathal, a beacon of for the local community for over five decades, lacks proper sports infrastructure.

However, despite its long-standing presence, the school struggles with a glaring deficiency – the absence of proper sports infrastructure, including a dedicated playing ground.

Students, hailing from far-flung areas, come to the school with hopes of not only academic enrichment but also engaging in physical activities.

“Yet, their aspirations are thwarted by the stark reality of the school's inadequate facilities. With no proper playing ground available, these children are deprived of the opportunity to engage in sports and physical exercise, an essential aspect of holistic education,” said sources, adding that several years ago, a ray of hope emerged when the Deputy Chief Minister announced funds for the construction of a sports ground.


However, internal disputes among local representatives hampered any progress, leaving the promises unfulfilled and the students disillusioned.


Expressing their disappointment, students have vociferously demanded the establishment of a proper playing ground, citing their right to recreational activities and a conducive learning .


Furthermore, the lack of a boundary wall renders the school vulnerable to security threats, leaving it exposed to potential miscreants and unauthorized intrusions. Coupled with the deteriorating condition of the school's infrastructure, including the absence of essential amenities, the learning environment is far from ideal.


Sources within the school lamented the neglect of educational institutions by politicians, emphasizing the urgent need for prioritizing investments in education and infrastructure.

Locals and students have requested the Lieutenant Governor and Prime Minister to intervene and instruct the concerned authorities to take immediate action and allocate resources for the construction of a proper playing ground, ensuring that the students of Government Middle School Nahoti receive the quality education and facilities they deserve.


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