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OpinionsKambaramyana in Tamil precedes Ramcharitrmanas

Kambaramyana in Tamil precedes Ramcharitrmanas


Er.Rajesh Pathak

Ramayana is also a source to realize  what  virtues one requires to get himself transformed from simple human being to divine being , ultimately living in unison with supreme divine being. From Narad muni asked Valmiki , who is the one to be  very embodiment of being same to all; conscious to  norms , and the duties there of  ;  brave ,  and upholder of Dharma as well so that  I could write on him. The answer that Valmiki gets, results into   the creation of Ramayana in Sanskrit, which was later translated into local dialect as Ramcharitramanas by  Goswami Tulisdas.

`     However, preceding   Ramcharitra manas,  in  12th  century  Kamban translated Valmiki Ramayana into Tamil which is known as Ramavtaram or Kambaramayana. It is considered to be the  finest literary piece  in Tamil language, even as   Kambar- master in Sanskrit and Tamil language, equally-  was bestowed with the title of ‘Kavi Chakrawarty' in recognition of his work. In 14th century Madhav Kandali translated it into Asamiya,  which was later compiled and edited  by Shankerdev and Sant Madhwan jointly. In  Malayam  came into being as Kannash Ramayana and Ramyan champu , so did Budhnath into Telgu.  has its own Ramayanaa (Govind Ramayana) written by guru Govind Singh. This he did  so that the people could be reminded of the war tradition through the character of Rama , inspiring them  to join Khalsa panth formed to end  Mughal misrule .

Inspired by the all-encompassing nature consists in the origin and content of the Ramayana that the proper care has been taken to incorporate this feature  in the Ram temple construction coming up in Ayodhaya. Therefore,  with the proposed temples of Maharshi Vishwamitra  and  that of Augastya muni, also  are the temples of Nishadraj Guh, Maharshi Valmiki,  Mata Shabri and several others  going to come up in the premise. Notably these divine personalities belong to different parts of the country and met Rama during his journey of 14 years of reclusive life in the woodlands.




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