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InternationalJapanese Town to Install Screen Blocking Mt Fuji View Due to Overcrowding...

Japanese Town to Install Screen Blocking Mt Fuji View Due to Overcrowding Issues


hotspot Fujikawaguchiko town in Japan is facing mounting issues with foreign visitors crowding popular viewpoints of iconic Mount Fuji. As a result, the town has decided to take the unprecedented step of installing a large barrier net at one of the most photographed vantage points.

Located near the Fujisan Station, this viewpoint offers postcard-perfect shots of majestic Mount Fuji framed behind a local convenience store. However, the steady stream of selfie-snapping visitors has overwhelmed the narrow pavement. Repeated warnings to respect traffic rules and not litter have gone unheeded.

Faced with disrespectful behavior like parking illegally at a nearby dental clinic to get , the town felt compelled to act. Construction of a 2.5-meter high mesh screen, the size of a pitch, will start next week. While regretting having to block views, the measure aims to ease congestion and protect local businesses.

Record foreign tourist arrivals to Japan have swamped popular destinations. Despite government efforts, some communities now see mass tourism as a nuisance. Similar issues plague other historic towns, with Kyoto even prohibiting visitors from small alleys.

Going forward, Fujikawaguchiko hopes the barrier guides tourists to respect local lives and follow rules. Whether it offers lasting relief remains to be seen, but the situation highlights Japan's delicate balancing act in promoting tourism sustainably.

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