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International"Halle Berry Joins Senators in Confronting Stigma, Advocating for Women's Care Funding:...

“Halle Berry Joins Senators in Confronting Stigma, Advocating for Women’s Care Funding: ‘I’m in Menopause'”


American actress Halle Berry joined forces with senators on Thursday to combat the stigma against women's care, including menopause.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Halle Berry is joining a group of bipartisan senators to push for legislation that would put $275 million toward research and around menopause, the significant hormone shift women go through in middle age.

Berry, 57, shouted about menopause outside the U.S. Capitol on Thursday. She said it's a word her own doctor told her he was scared to say in front of her.

“I'm in menopause, OK?” Berry yelled, eliciting chuckles from the crowd. “The shame has to be taken out of menopause. We have to talk about this very normal part of our life that happens. Our doctors can't even say the word to us, let alone walk us through the journey.”

Halle Berry gets candid about menopause symptoms

In recent months, the leading actor has been candid about the painful symptoms she experienced while going through perimenopause, which occurs before menopause when a woman's estrogen levels start dropping. Her doctor initially misdiagnosed her with herpes, a sexually transmitted disease that both Berry and her partner tested negative for.

Under a proposal by Democratic Sen. Patty Murray of Washington and Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, $125 million would be set aside for clinical trials, public health and medical research on menopause. The remaining money would help support menopause detection and diagnosis, train doctors on treating menopause and raising public awareness around it.

“Menopause is not a bad word, it's not something to be ashamed of, and it's not something Congress or the federal government should ignore,” Murray said.

The bill is backed by 17 senators — three Republicans, 13 Democrats, one independent and all of them women. Several senators said Thursday they hope the bill will also encourage doctors, women and men to speak more openly about the health milestone all women experience.

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