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Life StyleIndia's leading happiness researcher shares key insights on cultivating purpose and connection...

India’s leading happiness researcher shares key insights on cultivating purpose and connection in a distracted world


One of 's leading happiness researchers, Dr. Rajesh Pillania, popularly known as India's Happiness Professor, shares thought-provoking perspectives on finding purpose and joy amid today's distractions.

In a lively discussion with, Dr. Pillania delved into pressing issues like re-evaluating what really brings us happiness, cultivating meaningful connections in a digital age, and balancing life's commitments.

Some highlights:

  • Happiness comes down to balance – enjoying life's pleasures while finding purpose through contributions valued by oneself and others. This formula resonates across cultures.
  • Gen Z faces immense pressures but also opportunities to prioritize relationships through simple acts like dedicated device-free time with loved ones.
  • One size never fits all – each individual's unique qualities and circumstances shape what they find purposeful or pleasurable. Self-awareness is key.
  • Research confirms happiness lies more in our relationships than possessions or achievements. Nurturing honest, empathetic bonds through shared experiences fosters well-being.
  • Digital detox and limiting comparisons fuel anxiety. Small steps like weekly device-free periods can help recalibrate priorities and presence.
  • Community happiness thrives on multi-generational participation in fun physical activities that reconnect people across divisions.

This engaging discussion offers timely insights for rethinking individual and social approaches to long-term fulfillment in our overstimulating . Dr. Pillania's inspiring work brings positive perspectives on custom-fitting happiness despite life's ebbs and flows.

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