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JugaadGenius Level Kitchen Hacks You Should Know

Genius Level Kitchen Hacks You Should Know


Genius Level Kitchen Hacks You Should Know

Suchayan Mandal

Handling the kitchen isn't easy. If you can't prepare food, you need to treat those with cooking skills like the ultimate force of the hour. Trust me, it's actually so. Have you ever tried deseeding a pomegranate? Well, unless you have an hour to spare, don't event try. Peeling a boiled egg isn't as easy as it sounds. Yes the shells turn softer and easier to peel, but it takes skill. Otherwise you would pick out the egg white at some places and the yolk may fell out.

Then coming to pancakes, you must have noticed how difficult it is to spread the blend uniformly. Well, if you are quite scared about these daily chores in kitchen then these kitchen hacks will bail you out.

Deseeding a pomegranate

Whacking a pomegranate with a spoon is a pretty easy way to get to the delicious ruby-coloured treats inside, but it can still be a little messy. The above video shows you how to de-seed the infamously messy fruit without the bloody splatters.

Peeling an egg

Place the hard-boiled egg in the glass, fill it with about a half inch of water, cover the top of the glass with your fingers as demonstrated, and start shaking. The trick is to shake it over the sink so some of the water can escape through your fingers and not get all over the place. You should be able to reach in and pinch the egg's shell right off.

Dishing out Pancakes

Mix up your favourite pancake batter, pour it into a squeeze bottle, get the griddle hot, and start drawing. Kids will get excited about the shapes, and may want to make their own. It's an easy way to do something a little more advanced than those Mickey Mouse-shaped pancakes you've been dishing out for years.

Garlic peeling

All you need to do is pop the garlic in the microwave, zap it for a few seconds, and the garlic cloves will slip right out of their papery husks with a little squeeze. It's even easier than the two bowl method, and 20 seconds won't hurt the garlic in the process.

Potato peeling

All you have to do is cut around the potato in a circular motion, making sure to break the skin but leaving the potato whole. After that, boil as usual and, when the potatoes are cooked, you'll find that the skin just slides off.


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