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EditorialEstablish Failsafe Protocols!

Establish Failsafe Protocols!


It is really good that LG Manoj Sinha is taking extraordinary initiatives in fulfilling the development related aspirations of the people of and , and to satiate every hope kindled in the hearts of residents of this most beautiful place in the country.

Reportedly, LG Manoj Sinha has asked the executing agencies to adhere to the timelines for completion of the development projects including road infrastructure under PMDP, Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna, Central Road and Infrastructure Fund, NABARD RIDF, Cities and Towns (Macadamization), Pothole Free Roads Programme, Bridge and Road sector, Highway and Tunnel Projects besides Ropeway Projects in J&K under Parvatmala Scheme. The head of the UT no doubt is much concerned with regard to completion of all these projects as fast as possible without allowing any compromise on quality but what is desirable is establishment of failsafe protocols in all such projects so that concerning agencies don't have the option to show any negligence or lethargy while accomplishing both big and small to complete the development projects.

The helmsman has strongly batted for monitoring of the ongoing projects for quality control and instructed the executing agencies to adhere to the timelines besides directing for safety audit of roads and bridges and to take corrective measures wherever necessary.

All said and done, the establishment of failsafe protocols has emerged as a critical factor necessitating a meticulous approach to project management to ensure timely completion and cost efficiency. By establishing clear guidelines and procedures, authorities can streamline decision-making processes, allocate resources effectively, and monitor progress meticulously, and above all, the need to again and again direct the concerned entities for maintaining pace and quality of the development projects gets eliminated once and for all, giving more space to LG Sinha and other higher ups to concentrate on other important issues and problems of the UT.

In the context of J&K, where development initiatives play a pivotal role in ushering in a new era of growth and prosperity, the adoption of failsafe protocols is paramount. The region's strategic importance and unique challenges underscore the importance of meticulous planning and execution.

By implementing failsafe protocols, the administration can ensure that the timelines of development projects remain intact, and cost escalation is prevented. This proactive approach will not only accelerate the pace of development but also enhance the quality of infrastructure and services, ultimately benefiting the residents of the Union Territory.




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