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EditorialEducation blends harmony

Education blends harmony


Prosperity and happiness with enduring peace have always been the desire of every young and old thinker. A which that firmly believes in co-existence may not be a reality as of now, but a world that incorporates the virtuous concept of Co-existence indeed is a common aspiration. The most pertinent question is: from where one does start with? How does this feeling spread fast, or even faster.

The only genuine answer to this is . Education is the medium which builds multiple other aspects of society and brings up the world eventually. Education is that which incorporates every other dimension of living. Recognizing the importance of literacy and the importance of basic education that every human should take up in life is mandatory.

Education can and should not be formulated to a space, an area or a surrounding. Education can spread anywhere. An aspiring learner can come into communication with an ardent teacher, at home, at work or under the boughs of a splendid tree. The affirmed places of education have a greater role in ensuring education with an assigned purpose.

To learn the color of the Sky and the properties of water is a prelude to understand nature and its harmony. It is prominent that a human has the right understanding towards this harmony which evolves one into the greatest feeling called co-existence. Education is to ensure a unified spirit of togetherness through values. Education is to be in complementarily to all. Education is to understand the vast arena of abundance in self and nature, to accommodate in. Education is to preserve and reciprocate all that is received. Education is the beginning of everything sensed around.

An educator is a facilitator, a space which through the process of education dissolves the preconditioning and pre-assumed theories, letting the learner evolve into new. An educator is the provider and the pathway to this process and evolution. An educator is the facilitator to this path of evolution in the self. For an educator, to understand one's role as an educator or a teacher is vital to one's functioning. A change-maker, to make the change, has to first realize one's potential.

The next appropriate method for an educator is to execute the realized potential being always grounded to one's own education.

A learner in the education system is not a lump of soil to be molded rather is a pre-molded . The educator or teacher has the role to relate to the pre-molded self called student in complementarily. The teacher has to be the process in the re-moulding (evolution) of the student, into a value based life. There is no set proportion for the relationship of a teacher-student to be or not to be. But there is a common goal that the relationship of teacher-student evolves to. A common goal which is universal, which is in the lines of human behavior and which adds value to the life and living of self.

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