Don’t post female staff at residences

It refers to copies of cleverly-drafted detailed affidavit along with supporting enclosures sent on 19.04.2019 by a former female employee of Supreme Court to 22 judges of the Apex Court levelling serious charges of sexual harassment against Chief Justice of CJI Ranjan Gogoi leading CJI to react as some bigger forces against him just before important poll-cases.
Similar allegations were earlier levelled against a retired Chief Justice of India and a retired Supreme Court judge when both of them were holding important constitutional posts at time of levelling of allegations. While the retired CJI was forced to resign from his post, the retired judge managed to remain on post with High Court order prohibiting media-reporting of the case.
Such allegations of sexual harassment, true or false, do adversely affect high reputation of the judiciary. Matter becomes still more serious when presently CJI has doubted bigger forces against the affidavit of allegation since he was hearing important poll- cases.
Speaking his heart out, the Chief Justice said that the judiciary is under tremendous threat today. I do not want to stoop so low as to answer these chargers, Justice Gogoi also said. An attempt is being made to undermine the independence of the judiciary by levelling allegations of sexual harassment. Allegations are being levelled because I am hearing a sensitive case next week.
The CJI will hear a contempt plea filed against Rahul Gandhi in the Rafale case next week. There are forces trying to destabilise the judiciary. There are bigger forces behind the allegations hurled at me, he said while rebutting the allegations. The CJI also said that the woman who has made the allegations has a criminal background and there are two FIRs against her. The lady had worked as a junior assistant in the home of the CJI and was dismissed from service last year after an incident of inappropriate behaviour was reported to the registry.
To safeguard high image of judiciary, rule may be immediately made and enforced to post only male staff at residences and residential offices of all judges of Supreme Court and High Courts. Why does a person want to become a judge? Reputation is all that matters, if that is also under attack, what is left?