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EditorialClear the mess in JK Cricket Asso too!

Clear the mess in JK Cricket Asso too!


Clear the mess in JK Cricket Asso too!

India's Apex Court's order appointing four members Administrative Panel to run the affairs of the Indian Cricket Board (BCCI) has met with a mixed response but, in general, the step was positively received by all and the cricket lovers specially. The reason for this is obvious — BCCI's former officials had tried their best to cling on to their ‘honorary' positions, attempting till the last moment to defy the Supreme Court. They continue to tout BCCI's ‘autonomous' status which, essentially, is based on the fact that BCCI has hundreds, if not thousands, of crores of rupees. After BCCI's top brass was removed by the Supreme Court last month, it was only a matter of time before a set of administrators was appointed.

Similar action is sought in almost states of the union which have been under shady politicians mostly ruling. So is the case in Cricket Associates which has been in the storm for embezzlements, misappropriation and mismanagement in the hands of ruling elite of J&K.

Coming to the point at level Questions have been raised over the ability of the four administrators to govern cricket. Are accountants and historians going to run cricket now, ask the doubters. This question is best answered with another question — how were small-time businessmen, politicians, shopkeepers and bureaucrats better qualified to run cricket? And, in sharp contrast to the previous set of officials, the four administrators appointed by the Supreme Court are known for their integrity.

Finally, the four administrators have been appointed only to ensure that the Supreme Court's 2 January verdict is implemented — they are duty-bound to pave the way for elections and elected officials. The Supreme Court had ruled last year that running cricket in India is a public function. This blasted away the former officials' contention that BCCI is an autonomous body that can't be held accountable to anyone. BCCI's former officials are themselves responsible for their fate — they did not act when evidence of corruption in State associations (Goa, Hyderabad and Delhi, for instance) or (2013 betting and spot-fixing scandal) came up. They forced the Supreme Court's hand.

The four administrators have a difficult job to perform, for the former officials and their sidekicks are likely to create problems for them. They need all the luck and support of the Supreme Court. And they also need to understand that when representing India at the ICC, things become totally different. And not all that the BCCI did at the ICC was not wrong. Some historical discrepancies had to be undone, and for that BCCI had to flaunt its financial weight. There is lot of nuance involved. The new BCCI Team will do well to appreciate that and assert India's rights at the ICC and not fritter away the newly-acquired edge. Alas, the latest ICC meeting held at Dubai didn't go well to India's liking. Only time can answer on how much the other powers in the ICC will use the opening they have gotten to push down the BCCI, whose rise and power wasn't appreciated by all.

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